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Xebec Marketing Group, Inc. 

The Xebec group of companies is a premiere player in the full-service flooring industry. We are recognized not only for our outstanding service capabilities and vast industry resources, but also for our innovative use of cutting-edge technologies to manage and deliver the highest quality product selection, installation, maintenance and renewal services.  While these qualities have played a huge role in our company's success, so has our unwavering dedication to serving our customers and developing the integrated solutions necessary to meet their diverse needs.


To continue being the premier floor covering company in Western Canada, offering a wide range of services and providing premium floor coverings to Corporate, Commercial and Institutional markets.


Xebec Marketing Group Inc. is focused on a total life cycle, continuous care approach to providing premium floor coverings to the Corporate, Commercial, and Institutional markets across Western Canada. The company and its people are continually striving to achieve a greater level of customer confidence and satisfaction, hence the company motto:

"Because It’s Important To You… It’s Important To Us!"